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Q: Which maker/brand of vehicles could modified to become 4x4?

A: We have modified almost all of Category 2 Commercial Vehicles, namely Mitsubishi, Hino, Toyota, Isuzu, and Hyunday.

Q: Are the components use are used/2nd hand components?

A: Components we use are 100% brand new and most of them are made locally, even we manufacture ourselves most of them.

Q: How about stability of the vehicles you’ve modified, most people use raiser block under the leaf springs to adjust the chassis height caused by the use of transfer, which finally will cause lost of stability because of higher center of gravity?

A: We raise the chassis only on front part, from cabin till transmission portion, middle to rear portion of chassis is not change, in other word, the Center of Gravity is at the original position which in turn will keep the stability as original.

For some application, we raise the height of the whole chassis, not by putting raiser block underneath the leaf springs, but by installing “Bogey System” which is adding a sub chassis under the original chassis, the spring holder attached on this sub chassis. By this way, Rear Axle and Spring Construction remain as its original strength.

Q: The Transfer you use, is it attached or separate from the transmission?

A: We are using “attached system or known as Married type” of Transfer. On the Separate System, the use of a propeller shaft between transmission and transfer will cause energy loss and relatively bigger vibration. Front propeller shaft also become longer which will affect the steering ability of the vehicle. Separate transfer system are normally use for Category 3 or higher commercial vehicle.

Q: Are you using 3 or 4 shaft of transfer? Please explain the difference between the 2 systems.

A: We are using the 4 shafts transfer, even though it is little more expensive, because with 4 shafts system we can make the front propeller straight with banjou is at the right side of Oil Pan so the front chassis raised by no more than 170 mm. If we use a 3 shafts transfer, the front chassis must be raised higher because the banjou position is right at the middle which also position of oil pan. Normally need to raise it to 250 – 300 mm. The higher the chassis position, the less stable the vehicle.

Q: What is the difference of your modification compared to what other companies does?

-We are using 100% new components and they are using 100% used components.
-All of our modified units are 100% same, which they are impossible to provide same used components in large quantity.
-Our modification is designed based on a Total Engineering Analysis so original (CBU) 4WD quality is achieved where competitors are using used parts which most of the time are not match with the vehicle specs.
-We are trying our best to use as many as possible original parts of the vehicle which will ease the user to find the parts in the market. Competitors are not giving any warranty of parts availability when it needed.

Q: Can your modified vehicle handle as heavy load as the 4x2 originals?

We off course aware of Indonesian customers whose mostly loaded their vehicles with heavy loads. Therefore we use a 305 mm diameter Front Axle (1 dimension under the rear axle) compared to 280 mm original 4WD axles, which in the original countries they are designed only for snow fields. By this way, we assure that our 4WD modified vehicles have Big Loads Ability.

Q: Is your company guarantying the availability of parts when needed after the warranty periods offer?

Because we make most of the parts by our self, we off course guaranty we will provide to our customers when they need any parts.

Q: As you know that 4x4 commercial vehicles are used in remote areas, is it easy to get spare parts because in fact, your office is in Jakarta?

With the information technology today, we provide access for our users to open Parts Catalogue on our website, on which users can see the parts number/s they need. They can then order those parts over the internet and we guaranty they will get answer within 2 days at the max.

Q: How about repairing of malfunctioning parts, there must be very limited expert mechanics in the remote areas?

We will make mechanics at remote area to be as an experienced mechanics, as users have access to open our Work Shop Manual on our web site. On which they are assisted step by step on how to disassemble and assemble every 4x4 components.

Q: How’s your price compared to other 4x4 modificator as well as to original CBU?

Is very unfair to compare new and used parts, but our price is only little bit higher than “used parts modificators”. If compared to CBU 4x4, ours is about 50% of its price.