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About Us

PT. Mechatronic Nusantara was established since 1988 as a CNC Machine Tool’s suppliers which focusing on the basic technology of manufacturing. We have partner to a well known Japanese CNC Machine Tool Manufacturer more than 20 years, This help us getting the latest technology with the Japanese accuracy standard.

PT. Fuji Mechatronic as a technical cooperation company between PT. Mechatronic Nusantara and Fuji Techno (Japanese Special Machine maker) was establish on year 2000. This company was designed to manufacture Special Purpose Machine, Machining Jigs and Automation system related to Automotive parts. The technology transfer takes about 2 years time and finally makes us as the only one local company which is able to handle and supply a Turn Key project of Automotive Component’s complete production line. All the process from design, Manufacturing, assembly and automation was done by our local engineers.

As the fast growing of the Mining and Agriculture sectors, the demand of the 4 wheel drive small trucks (category-2) was increase rapidly, but the price of the Build Up vehicle is relatively very high and the after sales service is very poor. Some personal company based on hobby starting to import the used 4 WD components and attached it to the standard 2 wheel drive trucks. It is partly fulfill the demand, but only works for a short period and have no service at all. Based on this conditions and our basic knowledge on manufacturing many automotive components, we start to manufacture the components of 4 wheel drive small trucks.

PT. Hofz Indonesia was establish on 2009 with vision to fulfill the 4 wheel drive small trucks (category-2) demand by modifying from the standard 2 wheel drive truck with performance and after sales service support as good as what the Car manufacturer can supply. Today we have succeeded to supply the 4 wheel drive small trucks (category-2) for the most brands available in Indonesia such as :